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The World Cheese Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that our dedication to crafting exceptional cheeses has been recognized at the World Cheese Awards. At this year’s World Cheese Awards, held on 27th of October, Daily Dairy won three awards that underline the commitment to quality and innovation. The awards include: silver for our Limoncello Cheese, bronze for our V.S.O.C. Gold Cheese and bronze for our V.S.O.C. White Cheese.

About the awards

Silver for our Limoncello Cheese
Our Limoncello cheese captivated the judges’ palates, earning a well-deserved silver award. This cheese, infused with the essence of real Limoncello, lemons and a creamy texture, has truly wowed cheese aficionados worldwide.

Bronze for our V.S.O.C. Gold Cheese
The V.S.O.C. Gold cheese, known for its 2 year aging process, received the bronze award. This cheese has consistently stood the test of time with its rich and robust flavours.

Bronze for our V.S.O.C. White Cheese
The V.S.O.C. White cheese, celebrated for its creamy and tangy characteristics, also secured a bronze award. This cheese boasts the distinctive qualities of goat’s milk, making it a delightful addition to any cheese platter.

A taste of award-winning brilliance

As the world embraces the rich and diverse world of cheese, Daily Dairy stands tall, offering a taste of award-winning brilliance. Daily Dairy is poised to continue with extraordinary cheeses that leave an indelible mark on the palates of those who savour their delectable creations!

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