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Cheese Lovers

Meet our range of fine Dutch cheeses with a nicely balanced mix of herbs and/or spices. Our Amanti cheeses are there for the cheese lovers.

Amanti Taco Mix 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Limoncello 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Guacamole 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Goat Forest Fruit 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Italian Herbs 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Pepper Mix 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Wild Garlic 4,5 kg Wheel
Amanti Truffle 4,5 kg Wheel

Cheese to love

Our Amanti cheeses are there to love. For bon vivants, cooking enthusiasts, and daredevils who want to taste and try something crazy. The chic appearance is in itself a feast for the eyes. And when you smell the scent of nuts, sharp mustard, lavender, or wild garlic, you know: this is going to be good.

Amanti Cheese Daily Dairy

Best flavours in the world

The secret of the Amanti cheeses is the combination of our unique full fat cow’s cheeses with flavour and herbs from other parts of the world. From full-bodied Mexican guacamole to Italian spices, spicy chili, or sriracha from Asia. With just one bite you will taste the best of the Netherlands and the rest of the world together.

Amanti Cheese Daily Dairy

Hungry for more

Amanti stands for enjoying together with friends and family. Whatever flavour you choose, our cheeses are guaranteed to steal the show during a festive drink or a long evening dinner party. The appearance of these cheeses alone gives a wow-effect. And because every taste has something unique, you want to try them all.

Discover the world with this Dutch classic

At Amanti, we are passionate about Dutch cheeses and dedicated to creating unique flavours. A tasty twist to classic cheese: each type of Amanti cheese provides a new adventure. We bring the flavours of the world to your kitchen table. Our special recipes are inspired by unique ingredients from all kinds of cultures and countries. And our techniques have been passed down for generations. Using only the best ingredients, you’ll get a taste of the world with every bite.

Specialty cheeses

Traditional Dutch cow’s or goat’s cheeses and herbs, aromas, spices, and liqueurs blend perfectly together in our range of delicious specialty cheeses. The joy starts with cutting the cheese: the wonderful scent of nuts, Italian herbs, fruits, lavender, or wild garlic is the start of the ultimate cheese experience. The taste of Amanti cheese takes you to unique places all over the world. Each Amanti cheese has its own story.

Cheese as a product of culture

For years, we have been traveling the world for ideas. From our trips to Mexico where we discovered the incredibly rich taste of guacamole, to the scented mix of the finest Italian herbs we came across in Rome, or even a spicy chili or wasabi that surprised us in Asia. Take a bite and you’ll understand why we are passionate about specialty cheeses.

Cheese adventurers

We bring color to your cheese platter and stimulate the senses with our recipes. Delicious aromas and the finest herbs: there’s an Amanti cheese for every taste. Whether you are a cheese lover looking for new and surprising flavours, or simply want to enjoy life by appreciating the tastiest foods. Sit back, relax and go on a cheese-fueled trip around the world.

For any occasion

Do you want to surprise your guests with a delicious platter of Amanti pesto cheese? How about a fresh salad with Amanti Walnut? The many delicious flavours make every bite of cheese unforgettable. Enjoy the summer sun with the refreshing taste of Amanti Limoncello, or appreciate the beautiful colors of autumn with an Amanti Pumpkin platter. Endlessly combine the many varieties of Amanti cheeses and add a special touch to your dinner, or match your favorite drink with one of our specialty cheeses.

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