Dutch Classics

for a full
authentic taste

The Netherlands produces cheese like no other. We have been famous since the Golden Age and have made making it to an art form. Our Dutch Classic are the ultimate proof of this: traditional Dutch cheese with a full authentic taste. So, you can enjoy the best we have to offer, anywhere in the world.

Daily Dairy Gouda
Daily Dairy Maasdam 12 kg Wheel
Daily Dairy Gouda 4,5 kg or 12 kg Wheel
Daily Dairy Goat 4,5 kg Wheel
Daily Dairy Edam Ball 0,9 kg and 1,9 kg
Daily Dairy Smoked Cheese 200 g, 500 g, 3 kg or Disk

With Dutch pride

Today, you can enjoy the excellence of Dutch cheese no matter where you are in the world. With international availability, we’ve made it possible for everyone to experience the rich flavours and heritage of our cheeses. We’re proud to share our cheeses with you and hope that it brings a slice of the Netherlands to your table.

Dutch Classics Daily Dairy

Cheese with character

Making cheese is precision work. It requires professional knowledge, patience, and intuition. Our cheesemakers carefully select the best dairy products in the country. From adding the rennet, separating the curds and whey, to taking care of the cheeses during the ripening process. Every cheese deserves craftsmanship and pure love, to ensure that once you taste it, you never want anything else.

Dutch Classics Daily Dairy

Makes every day special

Dutch Classics have a light, but full and pure taste. From a soft, young Gouda to a well-salted aged cheese or real ripe goat cheese. In the morning on a tasty sandwich or in combination with other goodies on a fine charcuterie board. With our Dutch Classics, you can make every daily moment special.

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