Amanti Ginger Lime

Experience the taste of summer with Daily Dairy's latest creation: Gouda cheese with Ginger & Lime. This unique cheese is a fusion of two worlds, blending Gouda with the zesty brightness of ginger and the tangy zing of lime. The result is an invigorating and subtly sharp flavour that dances on your palate.


Daily Dairy has masterfully combined ginger, often likened to citrus, with delectable lime. Sourced from India and Nigeria, our ginger offers authentic, vibrant notes. We've also infused organic lemongrass and turmeric to enhance the ginger, creating a harmonious spice blend. The lime adds a perfect tangy twist, balancing the ginger exquisitely. Each bite delivers a burst of summer, making it a delightful experience. Whether savoured on its own or paired with fruits and crackers, our Gouda with Ginger & Lime is a must-try for cheese lovers seeking an extraordinary taste adventure.

Amanti Ginger Lime