Amanti Strawberry Bubbles

In the heart of the Netherlands, a delightful innovation by Daily Dairy has emerged: Strawberry & Bubbles cheese. Crafted in January 2022, this cheese celebrates the vibrant spirit of spring and the warmth of summer, as it graces the table when the days become brighter.


Infused with the essence of Dutch dairy tradition, this cheese is a testament to quality and creativity. Within the creamy texture lie small pieces of ripened Dutch strawberries, imparting a burst of sweetness. Complementing this fruity symphony is the unmistakable flavour of refreshing Italian Prosecco, adding a subtle sparkle to every bite. The passion with which this cheese was created is evident in its taste, making it a captivating addition to any festive occasion. Indulge in the essence of love and celebration with each exquisite piece!

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